Well-aligned teeth can dramatically enhance your smile, improve speech and masticatory functions, and prevent poor oral health. Although you may have crooked, crowded, or teeth with spaces (diastema), it is possible to get a perfect smile and alignment. Orthodontic braces help align your teeth according to your facial profile. Currently, clear braces are gaining momentum since they are invisible and save you from the embarrassment caused by metal braces. 

cosmetic dentist in Downtown Chicago offer ClearCorrect aligners, which are revolutionary methods that enhance your smile and overall appearance.

Understanding ClearCorrect

ClearCorrect is an innovative solution to imperfect or misaligned teeth. These are clear, transparent, or invisible braces that are excellent alternatives to metal braces. 

These are fabricated to fit your mouth that are comfortable and removable. Since these are removable, they can be removed conveniently while brushing, flossing, and eating. 

ClearCorret aligners are made up of multi-layer medically graded plastic after years of research. 

Benefits of ClearCorrect 

ClearCorret aligners are popularly used by orthodontists due to the following benefits:

  • These clear aligners are less irritable to the surrounding tissues such as your gums, and cheeks
  • These can be conveniently removed while brushing, flossing, and eating
  • These aligners can be easily cleaned hence there is a reduced risk of plaque accumulation
  • No chances of staining or discoloration of teeth
  • The treatment outcome is fast and precise
  • Clear aligners go unnoticed 
  • These aligners prevent embarrassment and low self-esteem caused by metal braces 

The science behind ClearCorret aligners

Your dentist will evaluate your oral health and the integrity of your teeth structure, gums, and underlying bone. 

  • Once it is decided that ClearCorrect aligners are the best choice for you, there will be a series of dental X-rays taken
  • Your dentist will record your mouth impression to make digital models
  • A 3D computer imaging technology is used to plan and map your complete orthodontic treatment
  • A series of clear aligners will be provided until the desired movement is achieved 
  • Clear aligners need replacement with a new set every 2 to 3 weeks


ClearCorrect aligners are becoming increasingly popular among many individuals. These are clear, safe, and convenient braces that help correct imperfections related to your teeth. These not only improve the way your teeth look but also improve function. Since poorly aligned teeth wear out faster and are more prone to caries. 

ClearCorrect aligners enhance your smile and boost your confidence by improving your oral health and overall appearance.