What are the Common Ways of Testing for Drugs and Alcohol?

Drug and alcohol misuse has been one of the biggest concerns in the USA for many years, and it has a very negative impact on society, too. Particularly, its implication in the working environment is a matter of concern.

Therefore, drug test kits are often used in the workplace. Many companies prefer to recruit workers only after clearing the drug tests and it has become mandatory. DrugTestKitUSA can offer the facility to test drugs, and any organization can always seek help.

How the drug tests are done?

In the USA, these days, many laboratories have been established that can perform tests about the presence of drugs or alcohol. Different tests exist for different varieties of drugs. Some of the most common drug tests are as follows:

  • Breath test

This test is usually followed by traffic police worldwide to detect the presence of alcohol. This noninvasive test can be conducted very conveniently on the road itself.

  • Blood test

This test is an invasive type of test, where blood samples are taken, and is considered to be most effective in concluding the presence of drugs and alcohol in the body. This can detect the presence of alcohol if the person has consumed it within the last 24 hours.

  • Urine test

The urine test is another very effective test to detect the presence of drugs in the body. It is also considered as non-invasive method as no needles are needed to collect the urine sample. 

  • Saliva test

This is another minimally invasive method to test the presence of drugs in the body. However, a saliva test can be performed if the person has consumed drugs within 4 to 10 hours.  

  • Hair test

Drug metabolites go into the scalp’s blood vessels. Drug use is permanently documented, and the hair acts as a filter for the drugs. This means that because drug residues stay in the hair, a user who used cocaine, marijuana, or other drugs several months ago may still test positive for those drugs.

Follow the instructions available on the drug test kits

While using the drug test kits, it is important to read all the instructions very carefully and leave nothing for assumption. It is important to understand the instructions thoroughly and also follow them. The following are a few reasons for that:

  • Testing time restrictions can vary depending on the test.
  • Every brand needs a distinct approach to measurement.
  • There may be variations in how the results are shown for various brands, such as using a color scheme.


In response to the pervasive issue of drug and alcohol misuse, workplaces in the USA increasingly utilize drug test kits, often making it mandatory for employee recruitment. Various drug tests, including breath, blood, urine, saliva, and hair tests, are conducted by established laboratories. 

It is crucial to carefully follow instructions on drug test kits, considering differences in testing time restrictions, measurement approaches, and result displays among brands. A meticulous approach ensures accurate and reliable testing, addressing the critical impact of substance misuse on society and the workplace.