Alcoholism And Its Various Stages – Everything You Need to Know

Nowadays most people are addicted to alcohol and drugs even though they are well aware of the consequences they have to face and it is a matter of concern as consuming a large amount of alcohol can prove to be fatal for life. As it not only affects the liver, but also the other organs which can, later on, make the person regret it.

How can you get rid of your addiction to alcohol?

Many times, it’s hard to get rid of alcoholism and it makes the condition of the person even worse than can’t be imagined. However, there are various ways to get rid. There are many medication plans, rehabilitation centers to keep the patient in control. There is a luxury Los Angeles rehab, However, it is quite difficult to select the good and appropriate one.

Likewise,Concise recoveryhelps newcomers to get control over their desire for alcohol. They briefly analyze the patients and according to that provide the patient with the respective treatment.

About alcoholism

Alcoholism is a condition where the patient losses control over the desire to get alcohol due to both physical and mental dependence of the patient on the alcohol. In such cases, people keep drinking day and night even though they feel guilty aboutit. However, no matter how much they try to cut off their desire for alcohol they just can’t do that.

Different stages of alcoholism

There are various stages of alcoholism and with each proceeding step the condition of the patient gets severe. Its stages can be known with the help of the disorder and statistical Manual of mental health (DSM 5) published by American psychiatric issues.Sonow we are going to discuss the various stages of alcoholism.

  • Early alcoholism abuse: this is the very first stage that a person has to go through. Here the patient drinks occasionally, and in terms of the DMS-5,you will find 0-2 of all other 11 Symptoms.
  • Chronic alcoholism: here the patient drinks daily for a year and the patient also starts showing the harmful consequences of drinking.The health risk of chronic drinking issue includes liver damage, cancer, ulcers, gastrointestinal problem, immune system dysfunction, etc.
  • End-stage alcoholism: here the patient shows a dangerous withdrawal effect which could be proved as very harmful for the patient, whenever he tries to get rid of the alcohol. In such situations, a professional doctor’s treatment is very much needed. It includes severe health complications like liver cirrhosis, brain damage, and hepatitis, etc.

Treatment for the alcoholism

Nowadays the treatment for alcoholism includes various therapies and sedatives to keep the withdrawal effect away and make the patient resistant to it day by day.


Most people startdrinking to get over their past traumas, but gradually they become addicted to it. Which later on makes them affected by alcoholism. The withdrawal effect could be very much painful for the patient. Hence, it is necessary to give them appropriate treatment and good care he deserves.