High Risk Associated With Use Of Alcohol Soaked Tampons By Teens 

Many teens are getting into dangerous ways of getting intoxicated. Whether to escape getting caught by their parents, or pass the breath-analyzer test, or simply to get more intoxicating effects of alcohol without having to deal with the taste or smell of alcohol, teens soak the tampons in alcohol and insert them into their vagina or anus. 

There is limited evidence of the use of vodka tampons but many teens follow this practice secretly. If you are addicted to alcohol use or any other harmful substance use, you can reach out to the most sympathetic online community, Detox to Rehab where you can find support and authentic information regarding the risks of various intoxication methods and how to get rid of addiction. 

Risks associated with the use of vodka-soaked tampons

While you do get a better level of intoxication with the use of such methods, these can be dangerous. Some of the dangerous effects that can be associated with the insertion of tampons soaked in alcohol are:

1. Pain:

  • Vaginal insertion of soaked tampons can cause immense pain in the majority of people. 

2. Severe alcohol poisoning:

  • Oral intake of alcohol is limited by the GI system that causes us to vomit when we consume it in excess amounts. 
  • The same reflex mechanism does not function when tampons are used to be inserted vaginally or through an anal route. 
  • This can cause you to intake a large amount without your brain recognizing it.
  • This can cause alcohol poisoning which can damage organs and even cause death. 

3. Vaginal ulcers:

  • Alcohol can irritate the mucous lining of the vagina and cause open wounds called ulcers. 
  • Ulcers can have serious health complications if left untreated. 

4. Organ dysfunction:

  • Damage to the mucus lining of the vagina can also result in permanent dysfunction of the canal causing sexual dysfunction. 

5. Bleeding or infections:

  • The risk of bleeding is very high in those who insert alcohol-soaked tampons in the anal canal because of the stinging effects of alcohol. 
  • This can also cause infections, ulcerations, and urinary complications. 

Although there are very scarce reported cases of such incidents, activities like the use of alcohol-soaked tampons are very risky with a very high fatality rate and must be completely avoided.