Myths and Misconceptions About Neuromodulation Surgery

Neuromodulation surgery is a minimally invasive treatment used to ease and relieve pain. Doctors mostly recommend this procedure when other treatments are ineffective. Since the treatment is less-invasive, there are fewer risks and a minimal recovery period. Neuromodulation surgery involves your specialist implanting a device under your skin around your abdomen or buttocks. The implanted device sends mild electrical impulses into your nerves and muscles, which block your pain signals traveling through the nerves or to your brain. Doctors can use Neuromodulation surgery Marina Del Rey to relieve nerve, back, and muscle pain. There are many myths and misconceptions about neuromodulation surgery, including:

Neuromodulation is a recent treatment procedure

Neuromodulation is not a recent treatment technique. It has been there since the 1990s. Due to the new and improved technology in the medical field, the procedure has changed over the decades. The improvements have made neuromodulation surgery safer and more effective, making it a popular pain reliever treatment.

Doctors only use neuromodulation to ease pain, not to treat

Doctors primarily use neuromodulation surgery to obstruct pain signals from reaching the brain. The treatment not only reduces pain but also eliminates it. Research shows neuromodulation surgery used in patients with chronic pain in America completely recovered. The therapy helps you engage in your daily activities without pain or discomfort.

Neuromodulation treatment only relieves pain

In addition to relieving pain, neuromodulation surgery has other medical benefits. It can help treat Parkinson’s disease, movement disorders, mental health issues, epilepsy, and gastrointestinal problems. Doctors also use neuromodulation surgery to treat bone growth, nerve disorders, and spinal cord damage.

Neuromodulation devices must be medically prescribed

You can get external neuromodulation devices without your doctor’s prescription. You must get your healthcare provider’s approval and prior authorization for implanted and internal appliances. To promote excellent results, your doctor will monitor your condition throughout your treatment.

Implant devices are only used on spinal cord stimulation

Although most people think implant devices are only used for spinal cord stimulation, they can involve other parts. Peripheral nerve stimulation, dorsal root ganglion stimulation, and intrathecal drug delivery also involve implanted devices. Your doctor can use external or implanted devices if your condition requires vagus nerve stimulation.

Neuromodulation surgery is an unsafe treatment

Doctors have been using neuromodulation treatment for over a quarter century, and Food Drug Administration has proved it safe. Researchers and clinical trials show the therapy is safe and effective for reducing pain and improving your quality of life. You may experience minimal or no side effects after the treatment. After treatment, your chronic pain will fade away, and you can do your regular duties.

Neuromodulation surgery involving implantation devices is irreversible

Neuromodulation surgery involving implantation devices is reversible. Your doctor can remove the implanted device if you need to stop the treatment. The procedure involves your specialist making a tiny cut around the implant appliance to remove it if it does not function appropriately or after your recovery.

Neuromodulation surgery is a minimally invasive treatment used to ease and relieve pain. It is a safe and reversible treatment that can treat various conditions. Schedule an appointment with Ali H. Mesiwala, MD, FAANS, for neuromodulation surgery to relieve your pain.