What are the Advantages of Sedation Dentistry?

Most dentists with a dental practice in Bethesda, MD, offer sedation dentistry. With the help of sedation dentistry, patients can perform a complete dental procedure without experiencing much pain and anxiety. This type of dentistry is typically used when patients experience pain during the procedure due to extreme fear or anxiety.

In fact, sedation dentistry is very beneficial for patients who are generally anxious about visiting a dentist. When people are extremely anxious, they are uncomfortable, and this causes unbearable pain. So, by providing sedation dentistry, patients can undergo dental procedures without feeling pain.

Let us now see the main advantages of sedation dentistry.

  1. Alleviates anxiety and pain

In sedation dentistry, the dentist will first prescribe medication that will help patients relax for a short period of time. The medication acts as a mild narcotic. Once the patient is relaxed, the dentist will start to do the procedure. Patients with dental anxiety will feel less anxiety and pain during dental procedures under sedation. That means, with the help of sedation dentistry, patients can completely relax and receive a full-fledged dental treatment without experiencing pain or discomfort.

  1. Fewer side effects

Sedation dentistry is performed by putting the patient into a partially unconscious state. This will help reduce the pain and anxiety of patients. However, there are lesser chances of experiencing side effects when compared to general anesthesia. The sedation dentist will discuss this matter with you in detail before applying drugs for sedation dentistry.

  1. More can be accomplished during each visit

Sedation dentistry is generally used when patients want to remove deep fillings or for crown lengthening. In fact, sedation dentistry can make it easier for a patient to receive such treatments. With the help of sedation dentistry, patients will feel comfortable when the dentist is touching their teeth and gums. Patients don’t have to worry about pain as they would be under sedation at that time. So, even longer procedures can be performed comfortably with the help of sedation dentistry, and more dental work can be done in a single visit.

  1. Safe and effective

In sedation dentistry, the patient is unaware of what is happening around them. This way, they will feel relaxed and can focus on the dentist carrying out the treatment. Moreover, sedation dentistry has a better success rate when compared to general anesthesia. While patients experience minimal pain during both general anesthesia and sedation dentistry, sedation dentistry is considered safer.