What Are the Adverse Effects of Drinking Alcohol?

Alcohol is consumed for a variety of reasons. Besides, some people take it at a higher rate, while some people take it occasionally. People who take it occasionally, may not experience serious side effects, but people who take it regularly may experience some serious side effects, due to addiction. People who take alcohol in large amounts on daily basis might develop an addiction problem. Once people get addicted to alcohol, it is not easy to stay away from it.

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Why do some people drink?

  • Some people drink to cope with anxiety and stress. In fact, some people use alcohol as a way to detach from their daily stresses.
  • When dealing with challenging or stressful situations, those who drink alcohol finds some relief. Alcohol can alleviate anxiety temporarily, but in a long run, it may not be effective.
  • Some people drink due to their peer pressure. In fact, during social gatherings, some people might put pressure on their friends to drink alcohol. Some people show interest in drinking when others around them drink.
  • Some people take alcoholic beverages in order to pleasure themselves as a result of the effects of alcohol. They may be classified as social drinkers since they consume alcohol in social situations or during holidays, and these drinkers need not necessarily mean that they are heavy drinkers. People who drink alcoholic beverages may feel calmer and happier. Drinking can help those who are uneasy when they are out in public since it calms them down.

Side-effects Of Drinking Alcohol

Short-Term Effects

  • Kidneys: According to studies, alcohol can dehydrate your body, and this can show a very bad effect on your kidneys.
  • Liver: As we all know liver is responsible for filtering the circulating blood and eliminating and destroying toxic substances. And, if you drink alcohol at higher rates, your liver may not be able to tolerate it. In fact, it may not function properly.
  • Brain: Alcohol consumption can lead to problems such as memory loss and sleep problems. Even though people might feel relaxed immediately after drinking, they might face the above problems after post few hours. However, they may go away after one or two days.
  • Heart: Alcohol consumption can raise your heart rate, and this can result in several problems.
  • Digestive System: Alcohol can affect your small intestines very badly, and this might cause severe bloating, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Long-Term Effects

Long-term effects of alcohol consumption include liver cancer, fibrosis, brain shrinkage, immunity system problems, weak bones, increased tension, insomnia, low libido, fertility problems, and cardiovascular problems. The majority of these problems are difficult to treat. Hence, you have to avoid drinking alcohol to stay healthy mentally and physically.