What are the most common dental issues faced by people?

Everyone faces some kind of health issue in their day-to-day life. It may be related to certain chronic conditions or something that just went wrong. Dental issues are one of those problems that people face occasionally. These situations related to oral health are, however, very common among the masses. You don’t have to panic if you’re facing one of these issues, as you can visit the dentist to get them treated easily. Helping these issues and further taking care of your oral hygiene makes your teeth and gums healthy and brings that confident smile back. 

The most common dental issues people face include, as mentioned by a dentist in Lakeview, Chicago:

  • Tooth Decay and Cavity: It is one of the most common dental issues faced by people. Tooth decay happens when bacteria accumulate on the surface of the teeth and form a layer called plaque. This decay, when not treated for a long period of time, makes a cavity in the tooth and causes further problems. 
  • Root Infection: Root Infection occurs when the cavity caused due to decay deepens into the root of the tooth. As a result, the bacteria embeds deep down the teeth and makes the gums swollen and painful. This sounds a lot, but the situation can be easily treated by Root Canal Treatment (RCT), where the dentist removes the bacteria and prevents you from losing the tooth. 
  • Halitosis: Halitosis or Bad breath forms another common issue people face. Several factors result in bad breath, such as poor oral hygiene, acid reflux, medications, dry mouth, and, in extreme cases, cancer. On a more usual note, bad breath is also caused due to the consumption of certain food materials like onion or garlic. 
  • Sensitive Teeth: All of us have come across the issue of sensitive teeth because either we are facing it ourselves or have seen other people go through it. Sensitivity occurs when the outer protective layer of the tooth, namely the enamel, is worn out. As a result, the person feels intense pain while eating extremely cold or hot food materials. 

Along with these, people also go through problems related to broken teeth, dry mouth, teeth grinding, enamel erosion, receding gums, and others. However big these issues may sound, you can avoid them just by taking care of your oral hygiene. Just like RCT is used to treat Root infections as mentioned above, the other problems are easily treatable as well. It only requires a person to follow certain rules regularly to keep their gums and teeth healthy.