Why Missing Teeth Must be Replaced as Soon as Possible in Lakewood Ranch

Nobody wants to have missing teeth, particularly because of dental disease or trauma. Sometimes, you may have to see a dentist for Lakewood Ranch dental care and tooth extraction. Once you have lost a tooth, you must replace it as soon as possible to prevent jawbone loss. Also, a missing tooth can impact your dental health and confidence. 

Why Replace a Missing Tooth

A missing tooth must be replaced due to the following reasons:

  • It can affect your other teeth. Once you lose a tooth, your remaining teeth will shift toward the gap left behind by the tooth. Because of this, the stability of your other teeth is compromised, causing them to become loose. As your teeth move, you may need to get braces, clear aligners, or space maintainers. 
  • It can affect how you eat, smile, and speak. Even if you lost just one tooth, it can affect your ability to eat, smile, and speak comfortably. The resulting lack of confidence may discourage you from speaking in front of people or doing your job. As a result, you will have to avoid your favorite foods or hide your smile.
  • It can affect your look. Without your teeth’s support, your face can droop or sag. Such facial changes can lead to bone loss and sunken cheeks. You should contact your dentist immediately, so they can restore your smile before you experience other cosmetic changes. 

Teeth Replacement Options

The following are your options if you want to replace your missing tooth:

  • Dental bridge. No matter how many teeth you have lost, a dental bridge can help restore your smile. A bridge is a false tooth that attaches to a crown, which is cemented to the teeth next to the gap. 
  • Partial dentures. If you have one or more missing teeth, partial dentures can offer a solution. These removal tooth replacements attach to the gums and other teeth. They can restore your smile as well as your ability to chew and talk. But they require serious maintenance. 
  • Dental implants. These implants are often made of titanium, which means they can last a lifetime. They serve as the roots of your false teeth. Once installed, dental implants fuse to your jawbone and offer your jaw the stimulation it needs to continue to grow. 

If you have missing teeth, you must get a replacement immediately. Your dentist can help restore the normal functions in your mouth and protect your dental health.