Can Alcohol Damage Your Oral Health?

Alcohol consumption leads to numerous health conditions, ranging from High blood pressure to chronic digestive problems. One of the lesser known effects of alcohol consumption is the deterioration of oral health. You must contact Fullerton, CA cosmetic dentist to check your oral health and live a disease-free life. 

Here are some ways in which alcohol affects your oral health: 

  • Alcohol may cause bad breath.

Drinking too much alcohol leads to your body treating it as a toxic substance, leading to your body turning alcohol into acetic acid and hence causing bad breath. 

  • Alcohol leads to tooth discoloration.

Alcohol is acidic in nature, and its consumption causes tooth enamel stripping. Once removed, tooth enamel will make it easy for dark-colored beverages and different types of alcohol to stain your teeth. 

  • Alcohol and tooth loss.

Alcohol consumption leads to irritation of the mouth’s tissues, and if you are a heavy drinker, it may lead to the loss of teeth. 

  • Alcohol may cause gum diseases.

Alcohol and other alcoholic beverages are known to affect your oral microbiome. This adverse effect on your mouth’s microbiome leads to various bacteria-related diseases festering in your mouth and leads to diseases like gingivitis.

  • Alcohol and dental decay.

Alcohol consumption is known to cause dry mouth and decrease the salivary secretion in your mouth, many folds. Saliva is known to wash away the majority of tooth decay bacteria. When the salivary secretions are affected due to alcohol consumption, the bacteria will stick to the tooth enamel and lead to its decay. It is advised to take special precautions if you are a regular consumer of alcohol. 

  • Alcohol and teeth grinding.

Grinding your teeth is harmful and leads to numerous oral health problems. Grinding teeth has numerous causes, and one of them is drinking alcohol. Usually, teeth grinding increases after the consumption of alcohol and caffeine, so it is advised to abstain from drinking before going to bed. 

  • Alcohol may cause mouth cancer.

Tobacco is a widely known carcinogen, and when alcohol is paired with it, it increases your chances of contracting oral cancer. It contains chemicals that can damage your DNA and lead to oral cancers. So it is advised to refrain from consuming alcohol if you are a heavy smoker. 

How can you avoid oral health issues due to alcohol consumption? 

It would help if you consumed alcohol in controlled amounts. Make sure to brush your teeth twice daily, especially after alcohol consumption. Your dentist will be the first to observe any oral health issue due to alcohol consumption, so you must have regular dental checkups.