How to Treat Your Corns and Calluses?

Corns and calluses are extremely common nowadays. Besides, this problem can turn your smooth skin into a rough one. If this problem is left untreated, both corns and calluses cause extreme pain. This problem can also make it difficult for you to walk. In the long run, this problem can cause skin ulcers and infection. When it comes to a callus, it will be larger when compared to corn. The color of a callus will be usually light or yellowish.

How to prevent corns and calluses?

  • When it comes to socks, they play a very important role in case of your foot health. Hence, make sure that you wear socks daily to protect your skin from becoming rough due to friction between your skin and shoe. When you walk around barefoot for long periods of time, the skin at the bottom of your feet hardens naturally to defend itself, and it leads to the development of a callus.
  • Ensure that you trim your nails properly to prevent this kind of problem. A curved nail clipper may not be the right choice for trimming your nails. Make your nails short. Cut them straight to minimize the risk of ingrown toenails.
  • Wearing tight shoes can squeeze your toes, which can cause friction between them. And, this can result in corns and calluses. Choose the shoe, which is comfortable to wear. In short, avoid shoes that are too tight to wear. You might get benefited from choosing custom-made orthodontics as well. As they can reduce the chances of injury, it is always better to choose them. In fact, custom-made orthodontics can help you by keeping your feet healthy.  
  • Corns and calluses are more likely to form if you have other foot issues like hammertoes and bunions. When the friction on your skin becomes more, this problem can become severe and result in various other problems.

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Before choosing a podiatrist for callus removal Irvinethere are several factors that you must take into consideration. 

Check the following to know about them in detail. 

  • Experience: Check the experience levels of different podiatrists in your location and choose the best from them. It is always good to choose an experienced podiatrist because he or she can provide you with better treatment.
  • Treatment Options: Choose a podiatrist who can provide you with more treatment options.
  • Safe Equipment: Choose a podiatrist who uses safe equipment for the treatment. It is better to visit the clinic once to get an idea of what type of equipment and products they use for the treatment. 
  • Treatment Cost: Compare the treatment cost of various podiatrists in your location. Avoid choosing a podiatrist simply because his or her treatment cost is less. It is important to consider the results of the treatment as well, before choosing a podiatrist. Read the patient reviews of various podiatrists in your location to get an idea of their treatment effectiveness. 

What do You need to Know About Corns?

When it comes to corns, they are of two types. They are hard corn and soft corn.

Soft corns generally form on moist skin. Corns on the toes are extremely common. They commonly occur on hairless skin surfaces. Corns are round in shape and soft and hard. Hard corns are usually small. They generally appear on the hard skin. Soft corns are whitish in color and have a rubbery texture.

When you should contact a podiatrist for corns and calluses?

If your callus or corns become extremely painful or ooze fluid, you must immediately contact a podiatrist. These symptoms indicate that your skin is infected badly. 

How you must take care of your feet after the treatment?

You must maintain your feet clean post-taking the treatment. Soak your feet in warm water for about 5 to 10mins. Use a pumice stone and rub the skin to remove the dead skin cells. 

Apply moisturizer to your feet on a daily basis. Different foot creams are available for purchase online. Check the product reviews online before making your purchase. Avoid choosing moisturizers that contain harmful chemicals. Make sure that you don’t leave your feet wet after taking your bath or after cleaning your legs. Use a soft towel to pat them dry, to avoid problems like this.  

Otherwise, your skin might get damaged. Ensure that you clean your socks at least twice a week. Otherwise, it might lead to various other foot-related problems. 

Calluses usually affect bigger areas of your skin, such as the palms of the hands, knees, and balls of your feet. Calluses can be caused by a variety of actions that are repeated over and over again, such as rowing, chopping wood, rock climbing, weight lifting, walking barefoot, construction work, and strumming.

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