How Long Do Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

Alcohol and drug abuse have been on the rise for many years now. However, with more and more information being spread about the adverse effects of these substances, many people are hoping to help themselves or people they love to fight their addictions. Substance addiction is a very dangerous condition that can fundamentally change an individual in many ways. Substances that are addictive have a well-known and well-studied impact on the psychology and neurochemistry of an individual. These substances make the mind and the body of an addict dependent on them, so the addict is constantly required to supply these substances for the body to continue functioning as it has been.

For an addict to begin their journey towards being addiction free, the very first step is that of detox and withdrawal. This is the process wherein the consumption of the addictive substance is stopped entirely. When the body does not receive the substances it has grown to depend upon for day-to-day functioning, the process can be very difficult and painful. The body will show many symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, irritability, and physical pain as well. Depending on the substance, the duration of withdrawal can different.

In general, withdrawal symptoms last 3-7 days, but the length of the process depends on the substance and how much the substance is used regularly. If you consume addictive substances in large quantities, it can take a fairly long time to completely detox the body and make sure that the substance is fully out of the system.

Short-acting opioids such as heroin have the symptoms last for 4-10 days, while for longer-acting opioids such as Methadone, the process begins in 2-4 days and can last for up to 10 days.

For drugs such as Xanax and Valium, the withdrawal begins in 1-4 days and can peak in the first 2 weeks.

Alcohol symptoms start in a couple of hours and can last up to 28 hours when they peak.

If a loved one is hoping to take the first step to sobriety and being free from addiction, this is the very difficult first step to a very long journey that is in front of them. Knowing how long do withdrawal symptoms last can help you in supporting them to the best of your abilities, and try to support them the best you can.