Latest treatment for hearing loss

The constant working of scientists on innovations and advanced treatments perform well by discovering many options to treat hearing loss in patients. Usually, hearing loss seems traumatic and has various reactions for every different person. It has been estimated that several degrees of hearing loss ranging from severe, moderate, or mild affect around 48 million Americans. Hearing aids, revolutionary devices, and implants are the advanced innovations that occur in the Audiology field.

One of the most common problems that occur is in sensory cells that cause damage to the inner ear. The hearing loss occurs because of sensory cells is known as sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL). It is usually treated with the help of corticosteroids. Corticosteroids play a vital role to lowers the cochlea hair cell inflammation and swelling after heavy exposure to noise and loud sounds.

Amplification devices such as hearing aids, assistive listening devices, or cochlear implants work with your halting sense of hearing to encourage the entrance of sounds through the ear.

Hearing aid 

Usually, audiologists refer to hearing aid that can be utilized at every place or event. There are many features that tend to focus on hearing aids.


  • Miniature and svelte design
  • Elemental rechargeable batteries
  • Progressed microphone technology
  • Enhanced background noise command
  • Adaptability with Bluetooth-enabled gadgets and devices
  • More high-grade moisture, dust particles, and wax protection

Hearing aids offer adjustments to make calm voices and sound susceptible to your ear for every individual’s separate ear canal. Spriggs says, Hearing aids today are processed precisely for your hearing loss, including adjustments and improvements on the peculiar acoustics of your unique ear canals with the most feasible processing to improve communication.

Removable hearing aids are of two types.

Analog hearing aid

These hearing aids help make the sound louder for the ear to pick up easily for the person who can’t hear properly. The sound transforms into electrical waves/signals to listen in a louder voice and execute as a microphone rammed into an amplifier. The main advantage of an analog hearing aid is that a person with a hearing issue can use an analog hearing aid for both crowded and calm environments in a small room.

Digital hearing aid

Another type of removable hearing aid is known as a digital hearing aid. These type of removable hearing aids transforms the sound waves into the coding numbers and then converts them back into the sound signals. It is easy to use as you can amplify the frequency when and where needed. Although digital hearing aids cost more than analog hearing aids yet the advantages of digital hearing aids are more than analog.

Surgically implant devices

There are several types of surgically implant devices considered the latest technology to treat hearing loss. These implant devices vary from person to person and problem to problem. For instance, Middle ear implants, bone-anchored aids, or cochlear implants work accordingly. If a person has got a problem with the middle ear which is why he can’t be able to hear anything. The audiologist suggests that person a middle ear implant.