Types of Dental Surgery

If you’ve been in the dental care field for an extended period, you probably already know that there is much more to effective oral hygiene than just brushing and flossing. Sometimes this means looking at products like whitening strips, which you can use to brighten your smile and give it a radiant glow that people will notice. In extreme cases, you may need to work with a Katy doctor of dental surgery to treat some conditions. For example, a periodontal dental care treatment is one way to treat gum disease. It can also help you get rid of bad breath that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how many times you brush your teeth or how many mints keep coming out of your pocket. In this article, we highlight some of the common types of dental surgery.

  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

One of the most common types of dental surgery is wisdom teeth removal. As people age, this is one of many problems arising from not cleaning your entire mouth effectively. You have to take a series of steps over time to ensure that everything is coming out correctly, including brushing and flossing at least twice per day. It happens when the tissue around the teeth gets swollen and infected, making it impossible to work with them until you take some time to talk with a dentist who is experienced in removing these types of teeth.

  • Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you have been snoring, it could be a sign that you need sleep apnea treatment. There are several different types of treatments available to help with this type of problem. Many people don’t even realize that something is seriously wrong unless they work with a dentist. This requires taking the time to discuss the issue and then deciding how best to treat it. Sometimes, oral surgery is the only way to address the problem and return your life to normal.

  • Dental Implants

If you’ve already lost all of your teeth due to infection or injury, dental implants are one option that you can use to replace them. They’re manufactured from titanium and can be inserted into the jaw. The material is compatible with the human body and doesn’t cause infection so that you can use them without any issues. It also takes time to adjust to having new teeth in your mouth, just like it would be if you were born without these teeth. However, once they’re changed, there’s nothing better than having a beautiful smile constantly.

  • Periodontal Treatment

Gum disease is a severe issue that can cause you to lose teeth if it gets out of control. For this reason, many people choose to use periodontal treatment to fight any infection that they have in their mouth. The idea behind the therapy is simple: kill the bacteria responsible for the disease and then remove it from your mouth. It is a standard treatment, but one that can help you get back to normal for years to come if you select an experienced dentist who knows how to treat this issue.

In summary, dental surgeries can help treat some severe conditions. Some of the most common dental surgeries include periodontal treatment, sleep apnea, dental implants, and impacted wisdom teeth removal.