Working with a Pediatrician in Frisco to Manage Your Child’s ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is usually considered a learning disorder. However, kids diagnosed with ADHD can experience physical symptoms. Extreme behaviors may negatively affect the lives of children who have this condition. Also, sufferers can experience language and learning issues while others show symptoms of mental disorders. Thankfully, you can always pediatrician who specializes in adhd Frisco can help you manage such symptoms and work with other experts and educators who can give your child the care they need. 

ADHD Identification and Diagnosis

Diagnosing ADHD is not easy, especially for children who are not yet four years old because of their continuous growth. A definitive test is not yet available for ADHD determination. Diagnosing this condition involves several steps, which involve a lot of people for doctors to get the full picture of the possible cause of a child’s behavioral problems. Also, you can observe if your child shows extreme inattention, impulsivity, or hyperactivity. If you notice such signs, work with the pediatrician of your child for better symptom management. 

Common Symptoms to Watch Out For

The following are symptoms of ADHD you should pay attention to:

  • Inattention. A child with ADHD usually cannot pay attention to one thing. Your child gets sidetracked while they play or does not pay attention to details. Also, your child may be forgetful. Sometimes, the symptoms interfere with their everyday activities. They may have a problem with organization, so they tend to lose important items or avoid mentally demanding tasks. 
  • Hyperactivity. A child with ADHD is always on the go, moving restlessly in every direction. They tend to jump, run, and climb uncontrollably. While they have remarkable energy, they can have a problem sitting still and focusing. 
  • Impulsivity. A child who is too impulsive tends to act or speak thoughtlessly or run on pure instinct. This can make it difficult for a child to navigate social scenarios, follow rules, and take turns. 

The Role of Your Child’s Doctor

A pediatrician can help your child who has ADHD with the following:

  • Medication management. If you prefer medication for managing the symptoms of your child, a pediatrician will have to meet with your child every 3-4 weeks to determine how the symptoms are progressing with the drug or dose. 
  • Education. Your pediatrician can explain what ADHD is to your child. Upon learning about their condition, your child may feel embarrassed or scared. The doctor will explain why they must manage the condition using terms that your child would understand. Also, they can answer questions about medications for ADHD and how they work.