Do you really think it is a good idea to buy your hearing aids online?

Buying Hearing Aids Online

I recently read an article by this name in the journal of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. I have written on the topic in other blogs, and I still find it hard to believe that a person can buy a pair of hearing aids completely online. I have read some people compare it to a pair of glasses, but I do not think that is a fair comparison.

This article warns consumers of several things:

First, be sure you know what type of hearing loss you have and the degree of severity. Understand why you are having trouble hearing, and what type of aid and features will help you with that situation the most. Without a hearing test, hearing aids purchased may not be right for you. Another issue that we hearing professionals warn you of is that it is not always easy to get used to your hearing aids so audiologists often set up several follow-up appointments for counseling and adjustments. And finally, where do you go if you have questions in the years or even months ahead. Can the online store really help?
Anyone who has been seen at Hears to U in Minnesota can appreciate all of these difficulties. These are the reasons we have the model we use if you come to the office thinking you need a pair of hearing aids. It can be a lengthy process to do your hearing test, try out several pairs of aids, make your choice, have them fit, and fine-tune them as your get used to them.
This process may not be the best for everyone for several reasons. Some of these reasons are cost-prohibitive, distance from our clinic and other clinics, and accessibility like being mobile and having transportation. Therefore, we have thought about thse issues and have made it is possible to buy a pair of hearing aids online through our online store.
There is one very significant component that makes purchasing from Hears Hearing & Hearables online store different and better than no other! We want you to find a local hearing care professional and have them do the fitting. You can get the aids affordability and make sure they are fit for you by using a local provider near you. If you don’t have a local provider near your and you don’t have the ability to travel, we will help figure out a solution for you. Perhaps we do have to dispense to you from a remote location, but we still will help you find that local provider to get that direct help. The extra money to fit it and pay a professional is well worth the additional cost for your success and happiness in hearing.
We can then help you purchase the hearing aid best for you, your loss, and want environment you would like to hear better. Local providers and teleaudiology will allow us providers to fine-tune those hearing aids.
Purchasing hearing aids online is certainly cheaper—no question about it. Just don’t forget to pay the extra steps for service! Let us help you find the best aid for you. A cheaper hearing aid that you never wear is no help to anyone. Hearing health is important for your overall health and well-being.